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About This Part

This part, also known as the “urbiscript tutorial”, teaches the reader how to program in urbiscript. It goes from the basis to concurrent and event-based programming. No specific knowledge is expected. There is no need for a C++ compiler, as UObject will not be covered here (see Listing IV). The reference manual contains a terse and complete definition of the Urbi environment (Section III).
  Listing 3 First Steps
First contacts with urbiscript.
  Section 4 Basic Objects, Value Model
A quick introduction to objects and values.
  Section 5 Flow Control Constructs
Basic control flow: if, for and the like.
  Listing 6 Advanced Functions and Scoping
Details about functions, scopes, and lexical closures.
  Listing 7 Objective Programming, urbiscript Object Model
A more in-depth introduction to object-oriented programming in urbiscript.
  Listing 9 Functional Programming
Functions are first-class citizens.
  Listing 10 Parallelism, Concurrent Flow Control
The urbiscript operators for concurrency, tags.
  Listing 11 Event-based Programming
Support for event-driven concurrency in urbiscript.
  Listing 12 Urbi for ROS Users
How to use ROS from Urbi, and vice-versa.