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About This Part

This part contains guides to some specific aspects of Urbi SDK.
  paragraph 13 Installation
Complete instructions on how to install Urbi SDK binary packages.
  paragraph 14 Frequently Asked Questions
Some answers to common questions.
  Section 15 Urbi Guideline
Based on our own experience, and code that users have submitted to us, we suggest a programming guideline for Urbi SDK.
  Listing 16 Migration from urbiscript 1 to urbiscript 2
This chapter is intended to people who want to migrate programs in urbiscript 1 to urbiscript 2.
  Listing 18 Building Urbi SDK
Building Urbi SDK from the sources. How to install it, how to check it and so forth. This chapter is meant only for people who want to build Urbi SDK, which is orders of magnitude more delicate than simply installing the binary packages from Gostai.