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About This Part

This part contains material about the document itself.
  Listing 28 Notations
Conventions used in the type-setting of this document.
  Listing 29 Grammar
Grammar of the urbiscript language.
  Section 31 Licenses
Licenses of components used in Urbi SDK.
  Listing 30 Release Notes
Also known as the Urbi ChangeLog, or Urbi NEWS, this chapter lists the user-visible changes in Urbi SDK releases.
  Section 32 ł::bel sec:bibliographyBibliography
References to other documents such as documentation, scientific papers, etc.
  Section 33 Glossary
Definition of the terms used in this document.
  Section 34 List of Tables
Index of all the tables: list of keywords, operators, etc.
  Section 35 List of Figures
Index of all the figures: snapshots, schema, etc.